Everyone wants to belong to something. A football team, a family, a close-knit group of friends. The sense of belonging you find in the Army is next level. When you’ve trained together, side by side, learned things no classroom can teach you. When you’ve lived together and worked together, it creates a bond like no other. A bond that lasts a lifetime, and sees you through whatever life throws at you.

Sign on for four years and we’ll give you a joining bonus of £5,000 when you complete Phase 2 training.

Communication is essential to our success. From establishing communications networks on the battlefield to repairing and managing digital systems, computer networks and telephone comms, our Communication Engineers enjoy a varied, thrilling career with real responsibility. You will have the opportunity to earn worthwhile qualifications and you’ll have the chance to travel the world and make life-long friends along the way.

There’s lots of opportunity for interesting work as a Communication Engineer. You could be deploying to exciting locations using your technical skills to keep communication flowing on the frontline. You could be handling internet networks and making sure we’re online at all times, or you could be installing telephone networks and CCTV systems. Whatever your interests, you’ll have the opportunity to pursue them with us. And what you learn will set you up for whatever career journey you choose – whether in the Army or the civilian world.

Basic training will teach you soldier skills, like how to survive outdoors and fire weapons. The training will also develop your fitness before you study to become a specialist at the Royal School of Signals. You’ll learn how to become an expert in communication systems, developing the skills and confidence you need to excel. And, once you finish Phase 2 training, you’ll be ready for all the exciting new adventures about to come your way.

Remember, if you’ve signed on for four years, we’ll give you a joining bonus of £5,000 when you complete Phase 2 training.

The Army will pay for you to gain valuable qualifications. These could include:
• Foundation and Advanced Apprenticeship
• A variety of driving licences
• NVQ Level 2 in IT
• City and Guilds Diploma
• Level 2 Key Skills in Application of Numbers, Information and Communication Technology
• Certificate in Telecommunications (AES)
• Membership of the Institute of Engineering and Technology

We'll be with you every step of the way as you move up the ranks. From the moment you begin your training you'll get all the support and encouragement you need to make a success of your career. Work hard and you'll soon get promoted, which means more responsibility and extra pay. And you'll have plenty of opportunities to get qualifications that are valued by civilian employers.

You should be:
• Regular Army age: 16.6 - 32.11 years
• Army Reserve age: 17.9 - 49.11 years

Qualifications you’ll need:
• GCSE grade C in English Language, Maths and Science/ICT

Interests you’ll have:
• Technology
• Fixing things
• Outdoor activities
• Decision making & responsibility
• Working outside
• Sport and adventure
• Computing/IT


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